Kasatka (kasatka) wrote in writing101,

Just a question

I'm writing a story that's primarily from one character's point of view, and this part of the story is written in first person.

There's some extra stuff that goes on that people need to know, but that the main character can't be involved in. The main character is involved with this secondary character, but I want to write about some of the secondary character's experiences away from the primary character.

I want to use third person for the secondary character.

chapter 1
I met with character x and she told me that she was meeting.

chapter 2
Character X stormed out of the meeting, very angry with the other people.

chapter 3
When I next saw Character X, she told me that the meeting had not gone well.

Think that'll work? Or will it be too confusing? (And it won't be that repetitive in the actual story. Just giving an example.)
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