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Writing 101
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Date:2009-04-02 06:27

onlineclasses is a community for writers to learn about upcoming online classes and events.

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Date:2009-03-21 15:16

thedinnercrowd...A discussion & activities community.

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Date:2006-09-11 22:03

Hi, fellow writers. I've created a community specifically for children's book writers and illustrators. Whether successful or aspiring, please feel free to share your success stories, frustrations, tips, and accomplishments at writingforkids! Hope to see you there.

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Date:2006-08-02 23:40
Subject:Not sure of title

I am new to this community and I was actually looking for a place to post my Sex and the City Fan Fic...but couldn't find any. I just need some feedback. I'd greatly appreciate it.n Also this x-posted

Title: None so far

Words: 708

Author: triniguru86
Notes: I am a huge Sex and the City fan...and I've always wanted to explore the relationship between Carrie and Alexander a little more. This is when they are in Paris for his light show.
Disclaimer: These characters were not created by me. I don't own anything so please don't sue me.


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Date:2006-04-12 16:51
Subject:-slinks in-

Hi, I'm new here and I need a beta/inspirer person to kick me in the butt if I stop writing on my fic. Here are the stats for my fic.

Title: (None Yet)
Author: Mistress-Miyuki
Fandom: Yuugiou
Summary: Bakura Ryou has been going to therapists for most of his life, but when he endangers his life, he is sent to an adolescent unit called GreenOaks. There he meets a strange girl named Azriel who shows him the good side of GreenOaks. Eventually, though, he will have to leave and the therapists won't let the two see each other. (Insert cliche sentence to the effect of "What will they do?")

-Mistress Miyuki

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Date:2006-03-14 00:09
Subject:Just a question

I'm trying to think of a title for my story, and I'll admit that I don't have great vocabulary, so in my quest, I went to thesaurus.com.
I found the word 'presentiment' and I'm wondering if the way I used it is done correctly.
The title is "Presentiment of a Life Unwanted."
Does it make sense?? Thanks.

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Date:2006-03-01 19:23

Hey I've been working on a ratherlong fan fiction and it just doesn't suit my tastes... I've gotten positive reviews from a few fans, but I just feel something isn't quite right...

If anyone is interested comment and I'll give you background on the fiction in question.

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Date:2005-11-04 18:04

First, let me say that I apologize if this post is considered inappropriate for this community... I didn't see any rules forbiding outside promotions, however if the moderator wishes it I will be sure to delete this post upon request.

If you are interested in reading, critiquing and/or sharing works of fanfiction or fanart, please take a moment to check out _fanfics_.

The main goal of The Fanfiction Archives is to provide yet another venue for writers and artists on livejournal to share their works... and to provide a community where members can find many willing readers to review and enjoy their works! More than that, _fanfics_ is host to a large and ever growing collection of some of the best fics & artwork on livejournal!

The community is very active, and there is always a challenge or contest open for all members to participate in. So if any of this interests you in the least bit, please stop on by - we would love to see you there!

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Date:2005-11-04 16:20
Subject:I need a Beta

I'm not going to post my story up here, because it's not finished and it's really just a drabble.

Well, I need a Beta. My problem is present, past and future perfect tenses, I get them mixed all the time and I don't always use the comma correctly and because my mind works faster then my typing, I sometimes leave out words. *blush*

So if anyone wants to be my beta; go to the cut Read more...Collapse )

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Date:2005-07-14 00:02
Subject:I need a beta for an original manuscript.

My story is called "the web" (as in spider web) and i am having difficulties. I want to know if it is worth working on. I dont want someone to correct all my punctuation and all that. Just a good opinion. Here is a short summary and if you are interested email me at vampirefamine@comcast.net (i am not going to post 32 pages)

"Rei Hikari has a moment of fame due to the sucess of her father's club that she runs with the help of her two closest friends. Thanks to her fame, she meets Seth Rikks, a rich handsome bachelor and falls in love. However, he is much more than he seems. With a dark past, secret machinations, and pure intentions Seth sparks the fire that ultimately leads to a tragic soap opera horror. Meanwhile, Leonardo Nithnellem, has his own agenda to finish what was started three thousand years earlier. As betrayal and interconnecting web weaves between all the good friends they find they have more in common than life ever intended.

This isn't your average love story dealing with serial killers, suicide, and an ancient egyptian twist. The story follows a cast of rather 'colorful' characters ranging from happy-go-lucky to split personality psychos. They hadn't expected that every stranger they come in contact with had ties that run deeper than blood.

Everyone on earth is related."

That is my summary. Please email me if interested.

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Date:2005-04-30 19:14
Subject:Not for the Faint of Heart

I'm fairly sure that this post makes sense within this community - thwap me gently if it isn't.

Betas and their many skills and blessings are a part of writing any novel length fanfic. I, along with two friends, under the penname of Pallas, am embarking upon such a novel length fanfiction within the Harry Potter fandom. We are aiming for a historically accurate Founders Fic, full of the political intrigues and racial balances of the post-Conquest British Isles, in a land where the problems of the Muggle World and Wizarding World bleed into each other. We plan to research as much as we can, taking our Uni holidays as fanfic-research time, learning the customs, politics, and knowledge that would be inherent to each of the Founders and their kin.

As such, we are also looking for a number of betas, but right now we are specifically looking for a beta with knowledge of the British Isles (Ireland, Scotland, Wales, England, and the Norman Conquerors) just after the Conquest of 1066. The beta would have to be willing to work with us on a long haul - this is a well researched novel length that will most likely take at least a few years to write (we plan to included a full bibliography). So, if you have a degree in Medieval Studies - or perhaps teach it - and are interested in beta-ing for three research-mad writers, please contact us. Either respond to this post or comment in my journal (chasingtides).


PS This is not for the faint of heart. We are truly looking for a beta as devoted to history as we are. We plan to stick this fiction through to the end and want a beta who will be with us all the way.

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Date:2005-02-07 19:05

Hey! Newbie here! I write for the Lord of the Rings fandom, and I'm in a dire need of a beta. My work is here, so if you like how I write or like LOTR, please contact me. Even if you don't really like LOTR that much, and you can beta, contact me, as I tend to make a lot of speeling mistakes and I have problems with grammar sometimes. ;) Thanks in advance!

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Date:2004-07-20 13:09
Subject:Just a question

I'm writing a story that's primarily from one character's point of view, and this part of the story is written in first person.

There's some extra stuff that goes on that people need to know, but that the main character can't be involved in. The main character is involved with this secondary character, but I want to write about some of the secondary character's experiences away from the primary character.

I want to use third person for the secondary character.

chapter 1
I met with character x and she told me that she was meeting.

chapter 2
Character X stormed out of the meeting, very angry with the other people.

chapter 3
When I next saw Character X, she told me that the meeting had not gone well.

Think that'll work? Or will it be too confusing? (And it won't be that repetitive in the actual story. Just giving an example.)

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Date:2004-06-18 21:37
Subject:Grammar standards

I've been wondering... would it be possible, given the diversity of fan fiction, to try to create a standardized grammar guide for fan fiction? With the grammar conventions that should be accepted as the normative for quality, well written fan fiction? It would be intruiging, if given the diversity of English language writers and their adherance to varying conventions a standard could be created. After such a standard is created, try to get archives to accept it as a sort of semi-universal fan fiction standard for well written material. It could be used as a learning tool for others just beginning their craft. Any thoughts?

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Date:2004-05-11 18:58

`ello, `ello!

one question for you all - i've written a few - probably three or four - fanfics, involving the actors of Lord of the Rings, specifically Billy Boyd & Dominic Monaghan, and i'd love it if someone here could look over it! Going through all of my LotR-RPS communities, asking for betas and such isnt really 'allowed' so i figured, why not try here? =]

and heres something i wrote about my best friend - its really, really angsty, and VERY long. so - yeah.Collapse )

i know you may've forgotten about it, after reading this story and whatnot, but if anyones still up for that beta offer...please? =]


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Date:2004-03-05 23:32

There's a new community out designed for writers. Basically, it's where writer's can advertise their communities, or for those writers that are wanting to search for a particular type of writing community. Think of it as a writing community message board, because you can also post news about your writing community there as well.

It's called writer_ads_news, so take a look at it if it interests you. ^_^

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Date:2004-02-20 15:11
Subject:Hey there!

My name is Adrienne and although I am not a newbie to fandom and fannish life, I am one to writing.

I need lots and lots of help. *g*

I've written throughout my life but in school settings for assignments and such. Now I find myself interested in writing within the fandoms I love, needing and wanting to contribute in some way. I've started very slowly, with drabbles here and there, just trying to get my feet wet. If you have any suggestions on how I can improve or any tips to pass along, please feel free to throw them out there. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Date:2004-02-12 23:16

Hi everyone! I know this is probably not the best place to ask this, but is there any sweet soul out there who is bored enough to proof a paper for me? I have this horribly Senior Seminar professor this semester who is picky and I can use all of the help possible! I had every intention of taking this paper (3 pages) to the University Writing Center. However, my internship has me running like crazy and I have no time.

I would also like to say that I admire any of you who write fan fiction or short stories. I often wish that I had the time to sit and write! Unfortunately, my senior year in college is pushing me to my limits.

Thank you for anyone who may agree to do this!
Thank you to those of you who do not want to as well! :)

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Date:2003-12-08 02:03

Hi guys - sorry I haven't been around much, I kind of fell off the face of fan fic writing, but I found my way back. I just wrote this 'West Wing' fanfic and I was wondering what people thought of it in the sense of grammer and all.

Sincere AmorCollapse )

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Date:2003-12-05 03:56

I had to write an essay on the Titanic, and I would appriciate it if you guys could give me some feedback.. perhaphs anything to make my essay longer?

feedbackCollapse )

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