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Not for the Faint of Heart

I'm fairly sure that this post makes sense within this community - thwap me gently if it isn't.

Betas and their many skills and blessings are a part of writing any novel length fanfic. I, along with two friends, under the penname of Pallas, am embarking upon such a novel length fanfiction within the Harry Potter fandom. We are aiming for a historically accurate Founders Fic, full of the political intrigues and racial balances of the post-Conquest British Isles, in a land where the problems of the Muggle World and Wizarding World bleed into each other. We plan to research as much as we can, taking our Uni holidays as fanfic-research time, learning the customs, politics, and knowledge that would be inherent to each of the Founders and their kin.

As such, we are also looking for a number of betas, but right now we are specifically looking for a beta with knowledge of the British Isles (Ireland, Scotland, Wales, England, and the Norman Conquerors) just after the Conquest of 1066. The beta would have to be willing to work with us on a long haul - this is a well researched novel length that will most likely take at least a few years to write (we plan to included a full bibliography). So, if you have a degree in Medieval Studies - or perhaps teach it - and are interested in beta-ing for three research-mad writers, please contact us. Either respond to this post or comment in my journal (chasingtides).


PS This is not for the faint of heart. We are truly looking for a beta as devoted to history as we are. We plan to stick this fiction through to the end and want a beta who will be with us all the way.
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